Photogenic Sponsors PSD Experience, Norfolk, VA

The PSD Experience Norfolk, VA


Bring your energy drink and your most comfortable shoes because you are
getting ready to go on a learning marathon! The PSD Experience is going to give you the ULTIMATE jolt of educational energy and push you and your studio to new heights! With an Orientation that is going to be overflowing with information, education, and entertainment on the evening of April 10th, we are going to spring board into 2 solid days of constant education and inspiration. April 11th and 12th are going to be packed with the best educators from the Photography, Videography, and Printing industries from around the country teaching non-stop all of the things that you ever wanted to know and couldn’t find all in one place. With 8 complete shooting and learning stations, along with fantastic window light shooting stations, and offsite locations, we are going to be offering education overload. At any given time from dusk until dawn there will be 8 or more educators teaching simultaneously. This will be a free flowing environment where you can either bounce around from one educator to another until you find one that strikes a chord with you, or jump on the program grid and map out your entire experience and learn the specific things you want. You will be able to customize this event to be exactly what you want it to be to fit your studio needs.

Hands on Learning

The goal of the event is for you to not only learn how to pose and light, create amazing images and video footage, and build your portfolio, but also to grow the business side by learning from the most successful professionals about marketing, pricing, editing, Photoshop, album design, and more. We want you to leave the PSD Experience with an expanded portfolio and with the tools necessary to implement your newly found skills into your business.

Inspiration, Learning, Networking

Check out the educators of the event, study them, and start thinking about who you want to spend time with knowing that each educator will be doing 3 to 5 teaching experiences and that there will also be off the grid programs that they may decide to have during their free time. When the schedule of the events is posted, simply follow the grid and the program descriptions to find the things that really speak to you. Everything you can imagine will be covered (seniors, weddings, maternity, infant, boudoir) and more in every possible scenario (studio, off camera lighting, natural light, location, HDR). Follow the website and Facebook for continuous updates about the event and educators and also check out the gallery of images of the venues where we will be teaching so you can be inspired to create your own images.

We can’t wait to see you in Norfolk from April 10-12, 2011!