New Product


Now, a built-in PocketWizard receiver for less than the cost of a standard receiver. Photogenic and PocketWizard combine technologies to bring you wireless triggering that’s built into Solair and PL2 Series PowerLights. These PLR models feature 32-channel radio technology that wirelessly triggers your strobe up to a distance of 300 feet.  You can use multiple lights in the studio or on location and never worry about them being triggered by another photographer’s flash. It’s easy. Just set the radio PowerLight to one of 32 channels on your PocketWizard transmitter, and you are ready for wireless triggering. The big advantage is the built-in radio receiver never needs batteries, and there's no antenna to snag or break, because it's built into the handle!

• No more loose fitting, unreliable sync cords
• Improve your digital images immediately by eliminating sync cord line noise
• Position your lights anywhere, not just where the sync cord reaches

For complete wireless control, change flash and model lamp power levels anywhere in the studio with the Photogenic Infrared Remote Studio Control System and trigger with PocketWizard.