Flash Monolights

There is a Photogenic monolight for every photographer—from entry-level to expert, amateur or pro. Whichever one you choose, you can count on reliable performance. And nobody has more light modifiers than Photogenic, for more creative freedom.

  • Full-feature Solair™ Monolights provide Constant Color; a wide, 8 f-stop power range; auto-bracketing capability and radio triggering, optional.
  • PowerLight® Monolights feature analog or digital display; a 6 f-stop power range and optional radio triggering.
  • Solair™ and PowerLight® Accessories let you achieve your vision and get more from your lights. Parabolic reflectors, barndoors, grids, snoots and diffusers shape the light to fit your style. Control up to nine lights wirelessly without stepping away from your viewfinder. Parts and more keep your lights efficient and productive.
  • Solair™ and PowerLight® Kits are the cost-effective way to build or expand your studio. Choose two, three and four-light kits featuring Solair or PowerLight monolights.
  • The new Matrix MCD400R Monolight with 2.4 GHz wireless transmitter is fast, lightweight, and offers core and convenience features usually found in flash heads at twice the price; making it the perfect light at the perfect price. Pair the Matrix with the Photogenic ION and get the perfect combination. Ideal for entry-level and aspiring pros.
  • Affordable and portable StudioMax® III Monolights are simple to operate. Ideal for entry-level photographers, but with features any photographer can appreciate: Constant Color, a 6 f-stop power range, and optional radio triggering or battery power.
  • Matrix and StudioMax® III Kits—Plugged-in or battery-powered, they’re the most efficient way to start your studio.
  • Matrix and StudioMax® III Accessories are dedicated, inexpensive light modifiers and other add-ons designed especially for the Matrix and StudioMax III monolights.