Master Rail

The Master Rail® Studio System from Photogenic®—light suspension for professional studios

What if you could expand your studio without adding a single square foot to its size? Hang your lights from the ceiling with a Master Rail System and just see how your floor space opens up! No more light stands, no more cords snaking across the floor. Adjust the light while keeping your eyes on your subject, not the floor.

The benefits and added safety of the Master Rail System are available for studios of all sizes. The ceiling must be clear to a minimum height of 10 feet. The Master Rail® planners at Photogenic will gladly assist you with the layout and identification of the individual components required to construct the most efficient suspension system for your studio. Questions? Please call us at 800-682-7668, fax to 630-830-2525, or e-mail to

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  • Suspension Rail in standard lengths for various room sizes
  • Carriers to provide rail mobility about the room
  • Light Lifts for balanced suspension of the lights
  • Mounting Yokes for fluid, fine-tuned light location
  • Accessories—all the necessary hardware to bring it all together.